Book Review: The Talented Ribkins


It took me a while to read this spectacular piece because of it’s lessons. This book wasn’t a book of any kind, more so something to take from. It began with a story of a profound hearted 72 year old man who owed money to a mobster or it was it over. With origins of superpowers, this African-American south knit family was of no other. Of course, truths and lies unfold as this old man seeks to cover his debt and a trip to the past follows him until his future is made right. The author created a wonderful challenge that sparks ideas of the Black culture. What began as simple actually took you for twist and turns of an adventure of humanity: power, acceptance, honor, forgiveness, understanding, trust, and love.

Three main keys: Love, Honor, and Forgiveness. WE ARE LOVE, WE HONOR THOSE, AND WE ARE TO FORGIVE THOSE WHO HARM US. There is only ONE of us. We are to embrace WHO we are and LOVE ourselves and others. 

Love is more powerful than hate. Sometimes, we learn that when it is too late. FORGIVE, LOVE, AND HONOR. It is up to US.

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