Open Letter

IMG_5856A breeze delivered a linen silk letter sealed with a kiss of Chanel 45
Strange clouds raised upon this open invitation
I could smell the white diamond hidden within the choice of pearls written in blue ink
It had to be her
The last memory remained stranded in the gloss of fires, I lost sight
I felt my knees buckle in the midst of this holy heart
Somewhere in this letter, time went left and I went right
My satisfaction suffered in bliss
I took a sip of the inevitable habits that haunted my growth
It was my secret
I rested in the presence of memorial lies
I struggled in my nights of glory only to be reborn of these remedies I sought
My drops fell onto this linen tree
I honored my rewritten journey’s
I knew it was her, Time

Photo Cred: Me
©A-Jjahlov Powell, 2019


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