My Bestfriend

Had I kept my eyes closed things would be immaculate.
Yet your potential fell in love with me.
And, I fell in love with it.
We collided on the hands of two jaw strings holding onto our last dream as if life depended on it.
Suddenly my icebox froze over and I became anemic in less than 24 hours.
I await your thoughts in these 500 hours.
I grieve our fatality.
I let time walk pass me without even speaking, I became just as rude.
I allowed Mary Jane to become my best friend for I was missing my best friend.
She loved me for who I was.
Gave me a pat on the back kissed my warm emotions.
They went away.
She made me smile, couldn’t wait to brighten my day, while she knew of her love.
I kissed her, licked her, blew her away but even she could not stay away from this heart she attacked, my only boomerang.
Exchange your trust for my heart, I’ll throw in my club of diamonds and be your ace of spades for this only lifetime.
We traveled worlds together, while conversing with the moons children.
I hadn’t seen them in their decades, but I was amazed of how much they grew.
We went in and out, in and out, in and out of time.
Grant me two seconds to give you what you need and be all I desire to be, yes she did that.
Grant me two seconds to whisper bitter goodness to your open soul, yes she did that.
Grant me two seconds to make right all you made wrong, I’ll rewrite your story with a poker face, she did that.
She did me and I would hope she wouldn’t cheat, I became in love with my best friend.
My best friend watched me die with a broken heart, he walked away.
My best friend gave me a reason to live.
My best friend lied to me.
My best friend said she love me forever as of my yesterday.

A-Jjahlov Powell. Copyright 2018. All Rights Reserved.