Missing bottle caps and cracked pipes
Smashed lipstick on mirror pieces
Breaking dawn under her twilight moon
Those red bottoms look good in that Egyptian cotton
Seven dwarfs came to visit and left Snow White across the table top
Overused note cards
Broken locks and missing keys, drowned puzzle pieces left unsolved
Scars to be beautiful under the ugliest sin
It felt good to release that demon within my thoughts
Scattered lies, abused truths, and abandoned hearts
Busted eardrums, swollen fist, and crushed grapes
Late nights upon the earliest mornings
Half smoked cigarette ashes burned over toast and dried eggs
Used candle wax and mintless leaves covering temporary wounds
Time clasped in the earliest hour
Weakened incense to protect this beautiful piece of artwork
Not even pine sol could wash away this regret
Welcome to our masterpiece

A-Jjahlov Powell. Copyright 2018. All Rights Reserved.