You pinch me, I bruise, you win, I loose, you shoot, I bleed, you want, but need, and your words are written in cursive permanently.
I see heartache through the eyes of my heart.
I bled in the rain while my feelings took part.
I ran through the dark just to touch my own light.
I forgot I could see, so I believed in no sight.
You had me at hello, I was confused through the night.
Through my dreams I would suffer, so my pain held tight.
I struggled for my love to come back into me.
I waited for a blessing to receive itself in me.
My makeup was shedding only I did not know.
But, others around me could only tell and so so.
Destruction in my lungs, I have a disease called trauma.
As a child I suffered most, me and momma.
Dead in my body, but alive in my soul.
Half of my heart, but my body left whole.
Abused in my voice, but strong in my brain.
Hurt in my life, but LOVE in my name.
Silent in the night, my body gave up on me.
Trying not to let go, I fell into sleep.
Woke up once again, a tear fell out unannounced.
My heart wanted to stay, my soul wanted to bounce.
Mouth wide open, but silence was oh so near.
Thoughts in the mind, I was silent by fear.
The word of the lord led me into prayer.
I spoke into the world, my soul floated in the air.
She asked how do you feel, say it as it seems?!
I told her I was closer…….closer to my dreams…

A-Jjahlov Powell. Copyright 2018. All Rights Reserved.