Come Down

Momma told me to come down for dinner
I was laying on the moon
Give me two seconds momma for I am not ready to rest
“Baby girl, it’s time to come in, I will not ask you furthermore”
For what momma adored was my passion and obedience
Just once, I disobeyed
I sat on the moon while the world stood at my footprints
I cried frustration while revealing the aches of my growing pains
My life line took a permanent leave of absence
Momma, I’m not ready to come down, I like it up here
For I no longer suffered the tragedy of my diamond heart
Wore poker faces in scarce of my rigid bruises
Feared attractive lies
I was free of enslavement
I drew paintings of love and bathed in orchids of the sun
I was free of enslavement
For I played with the children of Venus
Ate ice cream with the Martians
I was free of enslavement
Momma, I like it here, no one disappears from bullets
Momma, secrets don’t exist here
I just want to live on the moon
“I promise to let you go back up, but only if you come eat dinner, then I’ll even go with you”
Momma, promises are made to be broken
I’ll come down, momma
I’ll come down
But, only if they don’t shoot

A-Jjahlov Powell. Copyright 2018. All Rights Reserved.