Love Standstill

Our conversation lies within the skies of us, opening up an invitation of trust.
Disguising no secret unveiling any lust, no room for mistakes loyalty is a must.
As I make love within the trees, conversation about the birds and bees.
Love is at my doorstep bent on one knee.
Fluent in the language of persuasion and please.
Escort to my forever wind dynasty.
Caressing my thoughts while he’s on his knees.
Failing to withhold my insecurities
Giving my all showing no mercy,
Holding nothing back till it hurts me.
Her eyes omniscient to my truth and my lies.
Calling for my love till my heart replies.
Lol, AOL you have mail, can’t you tell, she’s into you.
The mystery to her happiness you are her clue.
There’s something in our souls that won’t let us rest.
Placing our puzzle, we have our own sets.
My value balances out your pattern.
Erasing your shadows, let’s visit Saturn.
No pain could amass to the pleasure we feel.
Our hearts keeping going while our Love standstill.

Co-written by A-Jjahlov Powell and Haasahn Thomas-Peyton. Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved.