My Everlasting


Our roots are as deep as our blackened skin.
For the connection of two creates what we call family.
At no surprise, there’s no preparation for the end of our human flesh.
Yet, our souls live beyond our means.
Oh how we may morn in darkness, but we celebrate into enlightenment.
We must not misinterpret our purpose on this earth, for we shall not be forgotten.
Oh how that smile could lift every voice and sing while those eyes spoke many words only some knew.
The heart of a lion knew of no fear even what so exist.
The absolute value to our many equations that some never solved.
We embrace this moment of silence but live in the name of her, in the name of Jesus we pray.
We feed off the love in this bloodline into the everlasting.
For we love you infinity and beyond grandmother, mother, and daughter.

A-Jjahlov Powell. Copyright 2018. All Rights Reserved.