In secret surprise, of disguise my hidden bliss is unfound.
The nakedness of my rage, from this cage, I am left unbehaved.
Naked of my half, uncompleted…secrets.
I am unclothed of my way to live.
Stripped of my words, I lay with the spirits of the trees.
My temple becomes unable to receive.
Rapped of my feelings, burned of my pain, and bathed in my insanity of lust.
Appalled and disgusted of this rage, at this age, I’ve had enough.
My ink ran low, my notebook became rough in darkest days.
Swimming in my eyes, you will drown of my nakedness.
Listen to my flows while your heart could taping this.
Captured in my rage, understand what I mean of this.
Hidden of my secrets in disguise of my nakedness.

A-Jjahlov Powell. Copyright 2018. All Rights Reserved.