Mail Today: Dear Co-worker!

My co-worker is one of the best men that I know on this planet. Not only is my co-worker, but he is another father figure who adores traditional morals. What makes him great is his unique heart and $. free wisdom that lies within him. Unexpectedly, he walked in with a smile as big as… Continue reading Mail Today: Dear Co-worker!

Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020

I just cannot believe how soon 2020 is. I was feeling this very same thing since 2018. Is it true that time goes by quickly as you get older? I believe my parents fully when they told me to enjoy my youth, but I was so anxious to have my independence, but with that, comes… Continue reading Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020

Dear Love, She Is…OUT NOW!!!

An immaculate collection of love in quotes and poems. This diary is an open invitation to the Micropoetry, Free Verse, and Haiku's that represent poetry's limitless expression of emotion and thoughts. Love is boundless and it is the reason we live. Available on Amazon Kindle and Paperbook now! I hope you all love it… Continue reading Dear Love, She Is…OUT NOW!!!

Jhene Aiko Playlist: Flawed Beauty

"On nights like this, I ride Turn the music up to keep from crying Wait 'til that sunshine Please don't let the darkness keep me low Halfway to the home base, yeah Like a field trip, woah It's a real trip" -Jhene Aiko Trip ft. Mali     How does music make you feel? Music… Continue reading Jhene Aiko Playlist: Flawed Beauty

Restaurant review: Brunch on me!

    "Chicken and Waffles." I had the pleasure of visiting the most collaborative restaurant in all of Prince George's County. Maryland's finest, Kitchen Cray Cafe, was a beyond a delightful experience. I was greeted with smiles from the second my big toe kissed the floor. Before I could even start a conversation with my friend,… Continue reading Restaurant review: Brunch on me!

First Love: Dear Love

   In just a few days I exposed you to the world. We made love during sleepless nights until the morning rise. I'm such hopeless romantic. My diary, my heart, and most of all, my love, and so welcome... Dear Love vol. 1 An adventure of timeless love confessions through the world of poetry❤️. AVAILABLE… Continue reading First Love: Dear Love