Jhene Aiko Playlist: Flawed Beauty


“On nights like this, I ride
Turn the music up to keep from crying
Wait ’til that sunshine
Please don’t let the darkness keep me low
Halfway to the home base, yeah
Like a field trip, woah
It’s a real trip”
-Jhene Aiko
Trip ft. Mali



How does music make you feel? Music flows through my veins like blood. Without it, I find myself unable to function. Sometimes, I need to release myself of my own thoughts. Music is a form of meditation allowing us to live through all walks of life.

Music doesn’t discriminate whether it’s Country, Hip-Hop, Blues/Soul, Rock N Roll, Pop, Afro-Latino/Reggaeton or Alternative.

Jhene Aiko’s music allows me to feel that it’s okay to be a flawed human with scars. Because even our scars tell unexplained stories that our mouths are unable to utter. This particular song, Trip ft. Mali Music, speaks volumes! It tells a story of a flawed human who goes through transformations of love, pain, and life:

Love burns slowly.
Life throws us for a loop where we become confused to why things happen or the affect of the weighted obstacle.

I think it’s safe to say that we all question life, but the path of understanding is the root to survive. We go on trips of life. Where does our path really lead? Though, I am flawed…I am beautiful through all my mistakes.

Every interpretation is different. Listen to it and comment how it made you feel? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Restaurant review: Brunch on me!


    “Chicken and Waffles.”

I had the pleasure of visiting the most collaborative restaurant in all of Prince George’s County. Maryland’s finest, Kitchen Cray Cafe, was a beyond a delightful experience.

I was greeted with smiles from the second my big toe kissed the floor. Before I could even start a conversation with my friend, I was promptly seated within 5 seconds on a steady visit. I admired the dripping artwork from the walls, the furniture styles, the perfect window seat, and spotted out where all the magic happens, the kitchen. On each spotless table, there were prepared silverware and fresh condiments. I love to eat in comfort and cleanliness, doesn’t you?  With a full staff, more employees than expected were sure to assist us punctually for our order. I was not rushed to order, I was given enough time to choose while sitting comfortable. I felt like a Queen that day being waited on hand and foot blessing the staff with small conversations passing by.

While waiting, employees who were not serving customers were buffing tables, eagerly awaiting for the eaters to come crawling through the doors of paradise. Thirty minutes later, my dish was embellished with diced strawberries covered in homemade vanilla-bean syrup and powered sugar over seasoned chicken and waffles. Even after I waited for a few minutes to digest my food, my waffles did not harden, but kept its soft form. I graced my food then gobbled pounds of carbs. Completely intrigued with what I had tasted for the first time of my life, a conversation was not open.

The manager gracefully walked over to ask about our food and was kindly enough to share upcoming events. I enjoyed speaking with her. What a beautiful and fun staff! They all were uniformed in their black-chic. I was invited to visit their social media page and tag them in the photo. I adored the pleasant customer service, phenomenal menu choice, convenient location, and timeliness.

I was welcomed by their pure taste of cooking and serving people. I love eating food when it’s made with love. Ever hear the saying, “Cooking from the heart?” I remember catching the itis because the food was satisfying. I will be back for another plate of the infamous, Chicken and Waffles

For more information on Kitchen Cray Cafe, visit KitchenCrayCafe.com.

Photo Cred: Me



80’s Park


“Back in the day, when I was young, I’m not a kid anymore. But, some days I sit and wish I was a kid again.”

*Baby you can do it, take your time, do it right, we can do it babyyy…do it tonight, take your…timeeeee*

Ahhh! Take me back to the brownstones and corner-store cigarette professors preaching that same jungle fever on how to survive in this unimaginably world we live in. The birth of hip-hop and the land of the youth, Harlem. I left my heart in that time though life moved on. I couldn’t escape the block parties with chicks double dutching in Denim parachutes and Chuck Taylor’s savoring soft serves on a crispy Sunday noon. Even the fellas couldn’t stop swag-dripping in their Pontac’s.


Where did time go? If only I could *Squeeze ya, don’t tease ya…I’d never leave ya* slow dancing under the timeless hour with *Just a little tenderness.* I missed my memory. Uptown. Swings singing, ears ringing, waves jumping, birds whispering sweet love confessions over the sun. *Ice Ice baby* We rocked the mic until Momma cried wolf. *Momma gon knock you out!*

Even a Tribe called Quest told Naughty by Nature no more Drama…It was a family affair hosted by the neighborhood’s finest, Mary J. Culture. Unity. ef565a85a40308f687494a94400bb410.jpg

Take me back…

“Back in the day, when I was young, I’m not a kid anymore. But, some days I sit and wish I was a kid again.”-Ahmad


First Love: Dear Love


In just a few days I exposed you to the world. We made love during sleepless nights until the morning rise. I’m such hopeless romantic. My diary, my heart, and most of all, my love, and so welcome…

Dear Love vol. 1

An adventure of timeless love confessions through the world of poetry❤️.



Book Review: The Talented Ribkins


It took me a while to read this spectacular piece because of it’s lessons. This book wasn’t a book of any kind, more so something to take from. It began with a story of a profound hearted 72 year old man who owed money to a mobster or it was it over. With origins of superpowers, this African-American south knit family was of no other. Of course, truths and lies unfold as this old man seeks to cover his debt and a trip to the past follows him until his future is made right. The author created a wonderful challenge that sparks ideas of the Black culture. What began as simple actually took you for twist and turns of an adventure of humanity: power, acceptance, honor, forgiveness, understanding, trust, and love.

Three main keys: Love, Honor, and Forgiveness. WE ARE LOVE, WE HONOR THOSE, AND WE ARE TO FORGIVE THOSE WHO HARM US. There is only ONE of us. We are to embrace WHO we are and LOVE ourselves and others. 

Love is more powerful than hate. Sometimes, we learn that when it is too late. FORGIVE, LOVE, AND HONOR. It is up to US.