Mail Today: Dear Co-worker!

My co-worker is one of the best men that I know on this planet. Not only is my co-worker, but he is another father figure who adores traditional morals. What makes him great is his unique heart and $. free wisdom that lies within him. Unexpectedly, he walked in with a smile as big as… Continue reading Mail Today: Dear Co-worker!

Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020

I just cannot believe how soon 2020 is. I was feeling this very same thing since 2018. Is it true that time goes by quickly as you get older? I believe my parents fully when they told me to enjoy my youth, but I was so anxious to have my independence, but with that, comes… Continue reading Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020

Jhene Aiko Playlist: Flawed Beauty

"On nights like this, I ride Turn the music up to keep from crying Wait 'til that sunshine Please don't let the darkness keep me low Halfway to the home base, yeah Like a field trip, woah It's a real trip" -Jhene Aiko Trip ft. Mali     How does music make you feel? Music… Continue reading Jhene Aiko Playlist: Flawed Beauty