Dear Love, She Is…OUT NOW!!!

An immaculate collection of love in quotes and poems. This diary is an open invitation to the Micropoetry, Free Verse, and Haiku's that represent poetry's limitless expression of emotion and thoughts. Love is boundless and it is the reason we live. Available on Amazon Kindle and Paperbook now! I hope you all love it… Continue reading Dear Love, She Is…OUT NOW!!!

Strawberry Delights

And, I paused Harlem nights You were sweeter in this pleasant distance A strand of hair flew on your bottom lip as you showered me with sugar plum vibes Painted in ginger-lime Garnished in cinnamon-mocha How could you taste so sweet Sapphire finger-tip glaze My flawless pearls against your lilies in March Panting whispers during… Continue reading Strawberry Delights