Jhene Aiko Playlist: Flawed Beauty


“On nights like this, I ride
Turn the music up to keep from crying
Wait ’til that sunshine
Please don’t let the darkness keep me low
Halfway to the home base, yeah
Like a field trip, woah
It’s a real trip”
-Jhene Aiko
Trip ft. Mali



How does music make you feel? Music flows through my veins like blood. Without it, I find myself unable to function. Sometimes, I need to release myself of my own thoughts. Music is a form of meditation allowing us to live through all walks of life.

Music doesn’t discriminate whether it’s Country, Hip-Hop, Blues/Soul, Rock N Roll, Pop, Afro-Latino/Reggaeton or Alternative.

Jhene Aiko’s music allows me to feel that it’s okay to be a flawed human with scars. Because even our scars tell unexplained stories that our mouths are unable to utter. This particular song, Trip ft. Mali Music, speaks volumes! It tells a story of a flawed human who goes through transformations of love, pain, and life:

Love burns slowly.
Life throws us for a loop where we become confused to why things happen or the affect of the weighted obstacle.

I think it’s safe to say that we all question life, but the path of understanding is the root to survive. We go on trips of life. Where does our path really lead? Though, I am flawed…I am beautiful through all my mistakes.

Every interpretation is different. Listen to it and comment how it made you feel? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Don’t Shoot


Momma told me to come down for dinner
I was laying on the moon
Give me two seconds Momma for I am not ready to rest
“Baby girl, it’s time to come in, I will not ask you again”
Just once, I disobeyed
I sat on the moon while the world stood at my foot
Aching in sorrow of today’s generation
Momma, I’m not ready to come down, I like it up here
For I no longer wore poker faces
Feared attractive lies
I was free of enslavement
I bathed in orchids of the sun
I was free of enslavement
I played with the children of Venus
Ate ice cream with the Martians
I was free of enslavement
Momma, I like it here, no one disappears from bullets
I just want to live on the moon
“I promise to let you go back up after dinner”
I’ll come down, Momma
I’ll come down
But, only if they don’t shoot.

Photo Cred: Me
©A-Jjahlov Powell, 2019