And still…

Every minute made me old 7 years of peeling whispered conversations And still These walls were white And my lips weren't planted on your forehead Your silhouette weren't in my palms But I could smell your white diamond decorated in the remembrance of fear And still Your heart hadn't made it home ©A-Jjahlov Powell, 2019

Love Language

Warms hands met my waistline Like flowers in a rainstorm Lightening sung across silver clouds Covered in chanting puddles I closed my mouth We weren't ready to escape these fields This language delivered me to you Under this umbrella ©A-Jjahlov Powell, 2019

Egyptian Masterpiece

Missing bottle caps and cracked pipes Smashed lipstick on mirror pieces Breaking dawn under her twilight moon Those red bottoms look good in that Egyptian cotton Snow White and seven dwarfs came to visit Broken locks and missing keys Drowned puzzle pieces left unsolved Scars to be beautiful under the ugliest sin It felt good… Continue reading Egyptian Masterpiece