A letter to the beginning of…

Somewhere in between the country of wild flowers and the ashes of my mysteries Petal wisps to this crimson sun Only yesterday I made love to this engine It was you and me Me and you The wind blew me a kiss from afar It was only the beginning Photo Cred: Me ©A-Jjahlov Powell, 2019… Continue reading A letter to the beginning of…

Restaurant review: Brunch on me!

    "Chicken and Waffles." I had the pleasure of visiting the most collaborative restaurant in all of Prince George's County. Maryland's finest, Kitchen Cray Cafe, was a beyond a delightful experience. I was greeted with smiles from the second my big toe kissed the floor. Before I could even start a conversation with my friend,… Continue reading Restaurant review: Brunch on me!

First Love: Dear Love

   In just a few days I exposed you to the world. We made love during sleepless nights until the morning rise. I'm such hopeless romantic. My diary, my heart, and most of all, my love, and so welcome... Dear Love vol. 1 An adventure of timeless love confessions through the world of poetry❤️. AVAILABLE… Continue reading First Love: Dear Love

Chicken Noodle Dreams

Bittersweet chills, fireplace highs Honey roasted marshmallows branded in cinnamon toast doves You left your signature on the right side of my silhouette It felt like beginnings during a cold summer You wrapped my heart in layers of your purpose Time became unreturning without the rain Only amongst the hottest blue I was born for… Continue reading Chicken Noodle Dreams